May 9, 2016

Training and Workshops

Workshops are scheduled and designed to help you expand your business in the areas of certification, education, and financial resources. In the workshops, you will learn about what it takes to put your business ahead of the curve and how you can market yourself to large corporations and government agencies. Please visit for a list of our upcoming training and workshops.

Business Networking Event

The Business Networking Event is organized as a opportunity to where Asian businesses can come together and meet other Asian business in the area.   Through Networking we want to optimize business-to-business opportunities within the local business community, build better collaboration and support, and strengthen our own capacity as Asian businesses.

One-on-One Consulting

ABIRC provides one-on-one counseling services to small business owners seeking more information about services, resources, and business development programs.  We want to be able to connect you quickly to the right resources.

Comerica Small Business Loan Program Through VSBDC

Minimum Amount $500, Maximum Amount $5,000.00, Interest Rate 7% to 9%, Small Business or Small Farm Loans, Specific Collateral Filings, ACH ON Payment, Minimum Understanding, Loan Approval Delegated to VSBDC President/CEO.  Contact Rich Mostert at 559-438-9680,

Bid Proposal Review

You will have access to a multitude of resources and learn about where to find bids and who to approach when placing bids. In addition, you will have access to ABIRC’s large network of partners.